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Is a substantial portion of your or your staffers’ time, spent doing repetitive jobs ? :
Could some of these rote jobs easily be done remotely? :
Can you apply the time saved above in other critical areas of your business? :
Can the daily business activity be divided into those that require your personal presence and others that can easily be done remotely? :
Are there some tasks, that are unpredictable in flow/ volume but important to execute quickly all the same? :
Is it unproductive for you to dedicate staffing resources? :
Would you like to have more time to spend with clients and growing your business?   :
Are you able to put together 2 page brief for a partner, for each task and its deliverables?   :
Can you show a demo to a partner on the more complicated tasks?   :
Are you able to put a ballpark on what the desired productivity is for each task based on in house delivery? :
Would you like to save 40 % on your current costs and put it back into your business?   :
Would  your business be benefitted with staffing redundancy via a pool of trained staff?   :
Do you see potential areas of your business, such as IT, Marketing, Finance, Technology, where you could benefit from expert tips and support? :
Just pick from the 4 Insourcing Routes ahead, each leads to a specialized service division, covering pretty much all business functions and skills that you need to run your business profitably.


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