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XP Outsourcery - Differentiators

Conventional Outsourcing New Age Outsourcery
Outdated, obsolete & predictable. Trending now, as a solution to Small and Medium Business Solutions.
Your service provider calls the shots .   The reins are handed over to you - be as hands on or hands - off as you wish.
You pick what’s on the shelf. We stock the shelf with what you need.
Looks at your business needs today. Today's immediate needs + expert inputs on the entire gamut of balancing systems from today to tomorrow.
You are a client. Treats you as a partner.
You hire an outside provider. You hire an external team in sync with your inside team!
One Size Fits All. Your Size Fit, Custom-made.


Just pick from the 4 Insourcing Routes ahead, each leads to a specialized service division, covering pretty much all business functions and skills that you need to run your business profitably.


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